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Add the latest news headlines to your web site  wiith a free news resource from  Reid Technologies Inc.How to add news (RSS) Head lines to your web site

Have you ever visited a site like MSN, Yahoo and other similar portal sites and noticed that they always have the latest news displayed on their sites.  Do you wonder how they are able to do this day and night, year round?

Simply put, they have automated the process.

You can do the same for your small business web site using a technology known as RSS.  Here's how you can automatically add the latest news headlines to your own web site for free:


Step 1:

Modify one of your HTML web pages and add the following code:

Step 2:

Add the following code at the point where you want the headlines to appear.

Sample output

The most important line is:


This determines where your news feed comes from and what content will be shown.

To find content that is most appropriate for the pages of your site use the following resources:


Step 3:

Review the page to see your news content. Make any adjustments to width and colors to better match your layout requirements. If you need more help feel free to contact us.

For further information about this news and headlines technology visit:

An Additional resource: News Directory - Online News portal for Internet, Business, Health News and more.  

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