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Reid Technologies Inc.; Satisfying Customers with Commitment to Excellence in Information Technology Services Provision Reid Technologies Inc.'s customers include small businesses
(1 to 99) employees. Some of our clients are medium to large businesses having more than 100 employees in multiple offices. We strive for excellence in customer care and service for all our clients.

Economic trends indicate that more and more people will choose the route of the self employed professional, small business owner or entrepreneur.
One of the most compelling factors is that Job security is a bygone concept of the era of the Industrial Age.

Some of our most prestigious customers include:

Necho Systems Corp.

IBM Canada

The Information Age brings exciting possibilities for leverage in a small business by means of Information Technology. Internet web servers and
e-mail servers allow business owners everywhere the ability to support their customers, advertise their products and services and sell their merchandise easier with less effort and cost than ever before.

The commoditization of Internet and computer related products and services in the post dot com bubble market makes this the ideal time to leverage the power of the Internet related technologies.  It has never been more affordable to reach and interact with so many people. The rapid rise and fall of the dot com bubble means that there is great untapped capacity still waiting to be utilized.  The Internet is still one of the fastest growing communications mediums the world has ever known. It's power lies in the ability for you to interact with people from all over the world in seconds.

We are dedicated to helping you, the small business owner to take advantage of powerful technologies that leverages the Internet.

We make Internet technology easy to use, easy to understand and this empowers you to grow your business even faster by not having to worry that your are making the wrong technical decisions. We invest the time in mastering Information Technology so that you don't have to. We partner with you to help you accomplish your business goals and objectives through the adept application of Internet Technologies.

We can show you how the application of technologies such as Web Servers, Mail Servers and Auto Responders can help you to support your existing customers as well as win new customers. We can show you how to sell your products on-line as a natural extension of your brick and mortar business or as a pure online commerce venture.

Most of all we value the relationship that we have will all of our customers.  We feel privileged to be able to serve them. We look forward to serving you too in the near future.

The staff of
Reid Technologies Inc.

Our most recent customers include:

#1 Book Collector

Phoenix Antiques-Antique Lighting

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