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Find & Replace for NOF

Find and Replace Publish Component for NetObjects Fusion by Reid Technologies Inc.'s Software DivisionNetObjects Fusion is an excellent tool for creating small business web sites. One of its key strengths lies in its extensibility.  Third Party NetObjects Fusion Components can be added as plug-ins to enhance the product even further.

Reid Technologies Inc.'s Software Division is proud to offer a Find and Replace Publish Component for NetObjects Fusion 4.0 and later. It is compatible with NetObjects Fusion MX, NetObjects Fusion 7.0 and NetObjects Fusion 7.5 and future versions.


If you have ever wished to be able to do a final edit or find and replace of certain HTML phrases in your web site built with NetObjects Fusion the Find and Replace Publish Component will easily allow you to do so.

It is much better than doing a manual search and replace on all the files generated by Local or Remote publishing of your site and far less error prone or time consuming as publishing your site is a frequent activity.

Why you need Find and Replace:

If you submit your HTML generated by NetObjects fusion to HTML Validators available on the internet, you may find that certain phrases of HTML require minor correction.  This may not seem like a big deal except that your favourite Search Engines Indexers, Spiders and Robots rely on a site being relatively error free in order to successfully add the sites pages to their Search Engine databases.

Any HTML errors that may be present on your site will  prevent your pages from being fully indexed. When potential clients and customers try to find your content in the search engines they may not be able to find it for the reason that your subject matter was not completely indexed.

Find and Replace Publish Component for NetObjects Fusion allows you to effortlessly correct any errors that you may see as a result of incomplete HTML syntax found by checking with an HTML validator.

The search and replace strings can be entered in to a text data file and can easily be updated in a basic text editor program to add even more Find and Replace phrases.

Another good use for the Find and Replace Publish Component for NetObjects Fusion, is to protect your e-mail address from spammers.

Spammers often find new e-mail addresses to add to their mailing list by sending programs similar to Search Engine Spiders to your site.

They look specifically for the @ symbol which is a vital part of any email address.  Find and Replace can let you change the @ symbol to an HTML equivalent that can defeat Spam Robots and still allow you to receive your legitimate e-mails from your clients. This entry is standard in the Find and Replace input data file and you need only to modify it for your own domain.


After you download and install Find and Replace Publish Component for NetObjects Fusion.

Select the Publish Mode of NetObjects Fusion by selecting the Publish button on the Main Toolbar. See below:

Select the Publish Mode from the Main Tool Bar of NetObjects Fusion

Select Publish->Publish Components... from the Publish Menu.

You should see the following:

Publish Setup Dialog of NetObjects Fusion

Select the "Find and Replace" component by checking it corresponding check box.

Now Select the Publish Site Mode and Local Publish your site.

View the HTML code for your desired changes.

If you need more replacements then modify the file,
 (FindReplaceData.txt) located at:

c:\NetObjects Fusion 7.5\Components\FindReplace

This assumes that you installed your NetObjects Fusion to the location implied above.

Modify the file named "FindReplaceData.txt".

Add, Modify or Replace the pairs of Find and Replace phrases.

The Find item is always the odd numbered line of text found directly above the even numbered line of text of the Replace item.

The first 2 lines of the FindReplaceData.txt file might be as follows
(NB: No line numbers would present):

  1. <SCRIPT>
  2. <SCRIPT type="text/javascript">

The line <SCRIPT> will be replaced by <SCRIPT type="text/javascript"> whereever it occurs throughout the HTML that makes up your site.

It is not recommended to add blank lines to the file.  There should always be a Find line for the Replace line or unpredictable results may occur.  Always edit the file in a text editor such as notepad.exe with Word Wrap turned off.

Find and Replace Publish Component for NetObjects Fusion really is an indispensable part of any site that we build with NetObjects Fusion.  We're sure that you will find the same to be true.

Purchase Find and Replace Publishing Component for NetObjects Fusion.

Contact us to obtain your copy today.

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