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Keywords Analysis

Take the guess work out of Meta Tag Keywords selection

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The reasons why we don't spend more time on keywords analysis are obvious. The keywords analysis cycle is too long.  You select keywords, you tune your page for the right ratio of keyword occurrences to page content, you submit the page to search engines and you wait for the results.  The time to have your site indexed by your favourite search engines can be anywhere from 2 days to 6 months depending on your submission options and targeted search engine. You analyze your results by looking at your web logs and referrals information. You adjust your keywords, resubmit and wait to analyze again. That cycle is just way too time consuming.


Keyword analysis and selection is becoming increasingly important for web site promotion and internet marketing.  Many Search Engines are switching to a pay per referral click system. Promoters can bid on the keywords they hope their customers will use to find information about their products and services.

Also you may be selecting keywords that have the wrong level of popularity. With too general a keyword, your page will get returned in search engine results but your site will not be in the all important "First 4 pages of Results".  If your page is not in the that all important subset then it may never be seen and your competition will claim your potential customers who are typically an impatient, time-pressed audience.

Another reason why web masters may not spend enough time on keywords selection is that its hard to find empirical evidence for a particular keyword selection.  Let face it, without analysis tools or a database of keyword popularity, you couldn't possibly select keywords successfully. A lot of it is just guess work.  It's like trying to guess what other people are thinking.

How can Reid Technologies Inc. help you with Keywords Analysis and selection?

The Reid Technologies Inc. Web Services Division has developed powerful Keywords analysis tools to "Take the Guess Work out of Meta tag Keywords selection".

We analyze your existing Meta tag keywords and see how effective they really are.  We can advise you as to the generality and popularity of your keywords.

We query a database of popular keyword searches that are related to your own keywords and compare them for popularity. We then suggest modifications to your keyword list and recommend changes to your page content in order for your pages to become top listers in the search engine results. We are able to do this analysis and provide you with a report within 24 to 48 hours depending on the volume of orders.

Get a keyword popularity report and start the process of driving targeted traffic to your web site. 
Buy an RTI Keywords Popularity Report

Contact us to learn more about this service and see how it can help your web site to generate more hits from motivated and targeted customers.

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