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Link Popularity

Link Popularity is essential for attracting visitors to your site.  Let RTI help you to promote your site with our low cost link promotion service.Link Popularity – Essential for bringing visitors to your web site

 When someone uses a search engine, like Google, Yahoo or MSN Search, by typing in a few keywords and hitting the search button, what really happens? 

 What determines whether your site will be at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) or a distant 1,100,232 position?

 The 3 major factors are:

 Key Word Density refers to the number of key words that a person might type into a search engine that appears on (or matches the content of) your page.  Factors such as how near the beginning of your page, whether the terms appear in the title of the page, how many times the key words are repeated on the page, the number of out going links containing the term or phrase all contribute to how high up in the SERPs your page will rank.

 Link Popularity is the number of incoming or inbound links from other web sites that point to pages on your site.

Key Word relevancy refers to how closely the key word (used by the person doing the search) matches the content in your site and in the inbound link that is pointing to your site from another site.

 When 2 or more sites have fairly similar content then the tie breaker that the search engines resort to is the number of incoming links that a page has on the subject. 

 The popularity of the page speaks to the relevance of the page and its content to a greater degree than the content of the page itself.  This is also known as the Link Reputation.

 The search engine designers/programmers reason that when people make reference to the content of another site, they are hoping to provide their readers with the best possible source of information that they themselves could find on the subject. 

This link to another site then counts as a vote for that site.  The more votes that a site has the more important it is and the more likely it is to contain information that search engine users are looking for.  A site is considered authoritative if many sites refer to it as a source of information on a subject matter.

 Link popularity is still one of the most important factors in determining your web sites relavance to the keywords typed into a search engine.

 So to make sure that your site ranks well you need to increase the number of incoming links that contain your targeted key words.

 There are a number of ways to do this.  One way is to write useful and informative articles that others will want to refer to. You can submit them to industry related journals, newsletters, magazines and e-zines.  Another way is to start a link promotion campaign that increases the number of links that are inbound to your site by trading links with relevant sites. These sites should be related to your own by overall business sector but they should not be direct competitors.  How can you get other sites to link to yours?  You can solicit a link from another site owner or web master with a letter similar to:

 Email subject:

 Email message:

 You need to do this until you have a significant number of links pointing to you.

How many links are enough? You need about 1000 inbound links to rank well for your selected key words.  You've concluded by now that this is a labour intensive exercise.

It involves:

  1. Finding Link Candidates
  2. Reviewing the Site for relevance
  3. Finding the Contact information
  4. Composing an email message
  5. Building a link page and adding it to your site
  6. Adding the link candidate's site to your links page
  7. Checking to see whether link partners continue to link back to you

 As a small business owner you can't really afford to spend a lot of time promoting your site as it takes away from the real work that you need to do to serve your customers.

 The alternative is to outsource this responsibility to a reliable service provider.

 We are pleased to offer a Link Promotion Service to you for a very reasonable fee starting as low as $300.00 per month.  Please contact us to learn how we can assist you to bring more traffic to your site.

Our Link Popularity Service includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization of  your site
    Submission of your site to the Major Search Engines
    Creation of a Links Page that compliments your existing site
    Researching your market place and evaluating your competitors
    Selecting the correct keywords to target
    Sending Link Exchange request e-mails.
    Maintaining your Links Page

 Finally, The quality of the link partners you select is very important.  By all means only trade links with related sites.  Avoid Free For All (FFA) sites.  FFAs are sites that have large collections of links of unrelated web sites.  It has been stated often that links from an FFA site (especially if you link back) can cause your site to be penalized in the SERPs or even dropped from the Search Engines all together.

Also remember that for your site to appear in the SERPs at all, it has to have been indexed by the Search Engine that your potential visitor is using. The interesting thing about building Link Popularity is that if your site appears on many other sites, your site will eventually be indexed or Spidered when the link partner's site is indexed by a Search Engine during its next update cycle. Link popularity building is a collaborative effort that leverages the presence and marketing efforts of other sites to benefit your own. It will remain as one of the best ways to bring traffic to your site for the foreseeable future.

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PRProwler will help you to locate link exchange partners who have already established link popularity as measured by the Google Search Engine. By selecting fewer well chosen link partners you increase your own sites visibility more efficiently.  This product can save you countless hours.

Web Site Promotion Team,
Reid Technologies Inc.

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