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Product Reviews

Reid Technologies Inc. 's Product Reviews can help a small business owner with their technology buying decisions.Sometimes an expert opinion on a product or service that is available on the market can help you to make up your mind as to whether to buy or not.

Sometimes just being made aware of useful tools you didn't know existed can solve a problem that you already have that was in need of a solution.

Check back often for reviews of new products and services that are useful to small businesses using technology to grow their businesses.

PR Prowler Review

Finding Link Partners to exchange with can be a real chore.  You need to make sure that the time spent in finding sites to trade links with is most productive.  PR Prowler is a unique tool that helps you to sift through the volumes of search engine results in minutes to unearth the real High PR gems. Learn more...

Web Analytics Software Review

In a crowded market of Web Analytics Software tools, ClickTracks web site log analysis software stands out from the crowd. It helps you to see the business value in the performance of your web site. You can easily discern useful trends and patterns from how visitors use your site. It is easy to install, offers clear and immediate information and displays site data in the context of your web site visitors as they tour your site. It allows you to 'tag visitors' and follow them, as a group, through your web site. It allows you to effortlessly measure your web sites performance. Learn more...

Web Site Design and Development Software Review

"Why hire a web site design company when you can create a web site on your own?", you may ask yourself.  The internet is pretty mature and the tools to let you build a web site have come a long way. With a lot of competitors and products to choose from which product should you spend your time and hard earned money on? Learn more...


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