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Site Map Generator

A Site Map adds value to any web site by providing a central naviagtion point and listing of all of the sites contents.  RTI Site Map Generator for NetObjects 4.0 and greater lets you effortlessly add a Site Map to your site provided it was created with NetObjects Fusion. NetObjects Fusion is a powerful web site building tool to help small business owners on a budget to build a professional looking web site.  It is amazingly affordable and effective.  It's still one of the best kept secrets on the Internet.

One of its unique features, compared to other available Web Authoring Tools costing much more, is that it can be enhanced with Third Party tools and components.

Reid Technologies Inc.'s Software Development Division is happy to provide a Site Map Generation tool for NetObjects Fusion versions 4.0 and greater.

RTI Site Map Generator lets NetObjects Fusion users add a Site Map to their web sites effortlessly.

As a NetObjects Fusion user, all you have to do is:

  • Create a Site Map Page
  • Edit the Site Map Page by adding some text and the RTI Site Map Generator Component to it
  • Publish the site

The RTI Site Map Generator automatically adds the specific pages that you wish to have published in your Site Map.

You web site will now have a centralized listing and navigation point that all of your site visitors can use to find the information on your site that is most important to them.

They may easily have missed some content just by casually browsing your site.  Your visitors will appreciate anything that makes using your site easier for them. 

From a web site promotion point of view, a web site that has lots of internal links will rank higher than a site that does not. A Site Map page also provides a useful page that can be submitted to search engines to insure that all of your pages are indexed. You'll increase the number of words that are indexed from your site resulting in a greater likely hood that some of your keywords will be found when used by Search Engine users.

Recent news about MSN confirms this. In a  new patent: patent no. 6,525,748 Microsoft explains that "Sitemaps may also be utilized by web crawler programs to build an index of web pages available at the server site."

So if you already use NetObjects Fusion, and if you need to generate a
Site Map, then don't hesitate to Contact Us for a Free Trial copy.

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