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Who are the SEO Experts

Small Business Owner Search Engine Optimization ResourceWho are the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts? Where are the best Search Engine Optimization resources to be found?

As a small business owner, you'll want to learn more about promoting your site from the best online resources in the Search Engine Marketing

Search Engines companies are constantly seeking to improve the relevance of the search results that they provide to their users.  Web Masters the world over are always looking for ways to improve their rankings by creating search engine friendly content for their sites or by looking for features of Search Engine Algorithms they might exploit to gain a competitive edge.  There is a constant tug of war as both parties seek an advantage in achieving their respective goals.

The search engines want to present the most relevant results that match a Search Engine users query and the Web Site Owners and Search Engine Marketeers want to get their own sites into the all important top 30 listed and ranked sites.

Here is a list of SEO resources that the staff and Reid Technologies Inc. check on on a regular basis.

These resources provide useful information about the leading search engines and web site directories including Google , Yahoo, MSN Search and DMOZ

This list of industry movers and shakers should help you to stay on top of the latest Web Site Promotion developments


Search Engine Watch - Danny Sullivan has established SEO Guru status for himself. Be sure to check this site often to stand on the shoulders of this giant. He also has a Blog worth keeping track of.  The Forum provides a meeting place for the discussion of the latest SEO concepts.

Web Development Community John Scott's site provides a meeting place for Search Engine Savy Web Developers. Be sure to check out their Forum.  John Scott is the owner of the  Seven Seek and founder of BlueFind web directories.  The latter 2 directories are a good place to announce a new web site to the online world.

Get Search Engine Advertising at 30% discount from Amazon.comCatherine Seda is a Danny Sullivan apprentice. She has a new book you might consider called "Search Engine Advertising; Buying Your Way to the Top to Increase Sales." It is a comprehensive guide to promoting your own web site and converting your visitors into buying customers. Catherine has almost a decade of experience in promoting and marketing online businesses.

Catherine covers all the bases from creating an online marketing plan, to collecting the tools you'll need to measure your progress, to improving your online copy writing and defending against click fraud.

Be sure to check in with Google's own sponsored Google Blog on a regular basis.

Check back often as we will continue to update this page with the useful resources we find on a regular basis. Contact us if you have any questions about optimizing your web site for better rankings.


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