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Reid Technologies Inc. for Cosulting Contractor Information Technology Services in  Mississauga, Burlingtion, Toronto areaWelcome to the Reid Technologies Inc. Services information page. We are the premier providers of outsourced IT Software Architecture, Development & Design, Project Management in Java and .NET for small/medium business Enterprise Affordable Custom Software Development. Our goal is to provide you the very best in Software development technical excellence to automate your business processes and make you more profitable and competitive in your market space by improving the efficiency of your business systems.

Computers are simply indispensable.  We believe that next to a talented staff, they are the most important asset a company or business can leverage.  Every business is as different as the entrepreneurial spirits that lead and guide them. Their business operations systems and processes or their way of doing things may be just as unique. That quality makes them competitive and lends variety to the marketplace!  The software to automate these systems and processes can also be unique and custom tailored to way that business operates.  Rather than taking a "one size fits all" approach to software development, We can help you to automate your business systems using the latest proven technologies, Rapid Application Development Technologies (Java, .NET) that shorten the development life cycle. You can have a custom built solution that leverages your expertise in your own business that will give you an even greater advantage over your competition. Software guided by you, built just for you.  Created quickly, and maintained by Reid Technologies Inc., your partner in Information Technology Solutions. By automating your business processes that you use every day, we make your business activities more effortless.  We can make Information Technology Effortless for you.

Below is a list of service technologies that we offer:

    UML Modeling and Data Modeling

      UML Modeling allows us to quickly and effectively model the major components in your system and its data structures. This allows us to capture the details of a system while facilitating communication and discussion about your project.  This step allows us to enter into a prototyping phase while minimizing risk of project failure and helps to eliminate conceptual gaps. It documents your requirements in an industry standard notation so that any IT Professional can assume maintenance of your system.

    Data Modeling/Database Design

      This phase captures the key data structures in your software project.  In Object Oriented Development and Programming, the Objects are often modeled after real world objects and their constituent properties. This step transforms real world entities like invoices, purchase orders and the like to components that computers can process and apply business logic to.

    Product Development Management

      We can manage your project from start to completion. We develop a project plan that specifies the major and minor milestones required to accomplish the identified project objectives.  We report the project status to you constantly. Once the project plan is approved we assemble the perfect development team with the right skills for the project. We commence the development phase of the project keeping a close eye on the time, and other resource allocations that were specified in the project plan.  We manage all contingencies and guide all our projects to successful conclusions.  Review phases for the key deliverables, permit you the opportunity to test the results.

    N-Tier Development using WebLogic, Sybase and Oracle 9i

      Application Servers offer powerful functionality and services that can be leveraged in order to bring solutions to life.  There is no point in reinventing the wheel especially when an Application Server can do so much for your enterprise.  Their power and functionality come at a price that is out of reach to most small business but our developers can capitalize on their experience in developing on these platforms with development in Open Source Database and Application Servers such as JBoss, Apache and MySQL deployed on Linux. We can also leverage our comprehensive library of world class software components and use them as building blocks for your solution.  With every project we take on we grow this library and stand by our principle of not reinventing the wheel so we can bring new projects to completion even faster. We gain more efficiencies every time.

    Java J2EE

      Java J2EE has gained massive popularity as one of the best ways to build reusable component based software.  Reid Technologies Inc. consultants are experts in J2EE development.

    C++, VB.NET, C#.NET programming

      Microsoft .NET technologies is relatively new but as a development platform it leverages the experience of 20 years of modern software development to provide a compelling development platform for Windows OS based solutions development. Using .NET allows you to have even greater business leverage as this powerful technology allows your business logic to run on Cell Phones, Personal Digital Assistants, Tablet PCs, Laptop, Desktop and Server computers.  It is already becoming the foundation of many new and most competitive businesses today.

    Embedded Systems (Pocket PC)

      We are huge Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Cell Phone and mobile computing  enthusiasts. We've been programming PDAs since the advent of the Apple Newton. We work primarily with Windows CE based Pocket PCs which provides a richer platform for creating powerful custom applications using .NET.

    .NET & Java Web Services

      .NET and Java are modern programming languages and methods that hold the promise of greater systems integration among information systems owned by different businesses.  Web Services are a new software standard that provide the inter-application communications mechanism that makes this interchange of business cooperation possible.  Manufacturers, Suppliers, Vendors and Customers can all communicate in real time in a common XML base data format.

      If any of your Business Partners Publish Web Services, let Reid Technologies Inc. help you to interact with them and gain greater efficiency in your business.

    Web Site Design and Enhancement

      You may already have an existing Web Site. Does it do everything that you need it to? It could collect customer information and store it in a database, gather marketing data, direct customers to a mailing list or list server. If your web site needs a technology update then let RTI assist you.

    Quality Assurance Consulting and Automation

      Good software does not happen just by chance.  Planning and then measured execution of the software development plan will help you to achieve the software you need. Quality Assurance will provide the reporting mechanism to see if the software you are building is meeting the design specifications that were outlined by your software development process business analysis. Reid Technologies Inc. can help you to measure the accuracy and performance of your software development projects.


      You may have acquired and deployed new software but you need to make your staff more productive in the software by increasing their proficiency. Reid Technologies Inc. can provide course ware for your custom software package in order for you to automate the training process. The courseware can be internet/intranet based so that your staff can complete it online and reference it in the future.

For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us either via You may also call us at
from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. 

We look forward to serving you.

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