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Small Business Info.

Small Business Info and Resources from Reid Technologies Inc.Smart Business Owners need to be life long learners.  In the Information Age, Only the very latest information is power. Here are some links organized by sector that may help your small business to thrive and prosper:

Business Development Skills


Business Development skills are essential to the success of any small business enterprise.  Reid Technologies Inc. recommends the 'Rich Dad' series of books by Robert Kiyosaki.Every new business owner may have a professional skill, a great product or service idea, the Entrepreneurial Drive and Spirit, the goal and the ambition to be wealthy. But their chances for success are more closely tied to their business development skills more than any other factor. Business Development Skills are essential! One of the most economical ways to learn and internalize the needed business development skills in the shortest amount of time is to invest in the information made available by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Best Selling "Rich Dad" series of books. Still, Kiyosaki has his skeptics and this article bears honorable mention.
One of the more important lessons that Kiyosaki makes clear is that Businesses, (The B Quadrant of (E,B,S,I)) are favoured by tax systems the world over because Big Business lobbied the government for Tax Advantages.  If you can run your own Business then you can leverage these advantages for yourself.  Even if the stories are anecdotal it makes for pleasant reading.

"These books more than any other resource that I have investigated to date, equip a new business owner with a new way of thinking and a desire to gain business skills they will need to grow their business into a wealth generating asset." - R. Reid.


This industry leader in Incorporation and Trademarking for Small Business can allow a small business owner to form a Corporation for as little as $99.00 CAD as advertised.  This is a considerable savings over the $250 to $1200.00 in legal fees that a Law Office would ordinarily charge. "Definitely worth investigating" - R. Reid.


Choose iBill as your online e-commerce payment partner

Obviously, the best business application of the internet is online selling.  Many factors contribute to successful e-commerce web site but a paramount factor is your online payment partner. "iBill is one of the best partners you can select.
It's fast, safe for your customers and secure for your enterprise." - R. Reid. A service for students and educators on business and economics related subjects.


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often neglect public relations, and then wonder why the media never calls. Learn More

Marketing and Sales skills can mean the difference between small business success or failure.  Learn Marketing skills from the best marketers in the world.  Sure you don't have their budget, but you can learn from their ad copy writing and gain inspiration for producing your own message.  Here are some links to Marketing resources.

Asset protection

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Canadian Patent Information

Patent Act
Patent Rules
Canadian Intellectual Property Office

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