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Web Site Design FAQ

Here is a Web Site Design FAQ that may assist you in your comparison of services from other web site design firms and RTI.  We also have a competitive price match policy.  Send us a verifiable quote and we will try to beat it by as much as 5% to win your business.  We already have the most competitive rates possible so it is unlikely that you will find the equivalent services for less. But in case you do, give us the opportunity to compete even further.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reid Technologies Inc. Web Site Services Division.


Technical Expertise
Development Philosophy
The Business

The Cost

1. Q: How much can I expect to pay for a complete e-commerce enabled web site?

A: It depends. Every web site is as different as the companies that own them. We have 3 packages you can choose from.  We offer a Basic corporate web site with the following pages:
About Us
What We Do
Contact Us
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
We offer a Platinum package which is an all-inclusive e-commerce enabled web site. The Platinum is a turnkey template based web site for smaller budgets that includes everything you need to start doing business online.  The Platinum package is typically $6,995.00 and can be financed with $995.00 down for 36 months at $170.00 per month. If your business needs require more than what is included in the Platinum package then we build, a Custom Solution based on very competitive rates which lets you add or remove options from the Platinum package.  For more information on what is included in a Platinum or custom site, please review our web development packages.

2. Q: Are there any other costs associated with a web site?

A: We offer free hosting from 3 to 12 months after that you will be responsible for the hosting fees which are typically around $20 (often less) a month.  If your site includes e-commerce we handle the initial set up fees but then you will be responsible for the monthly fees, which are minimal.

3. Q: Is the down payment for the Platinum refundable?

A: Yes.  If after we create your Platinum site you are unsatisfied with it we will refund your $995.00 deposit no questions asked.

4. Q: What payment structure is offered for custom and basic web sites?

A: 50% down to start and 50% at project completion.

Technical Expertise

5. Q: What web development technologies are you proficient in?


6. Q: What operating system do you develop for UNIX or Microsoft?

A: Both UNIX (Linux) for more affordability and Microsoft for better Business Automation integration.

7. Q: Are you able to guarantee a high ranking in the search engines with your search engine optimization strategy?

A: Yes we can definitely improve your ranking. We have specialists on staff that have expertise in web promotion methods and tools. They also monitor the changes to search engine submission tactics and implement what we have tested and proven to be successful.  We have innovative Keyword Analysis Tools and Search Engine Rank reporting and submission tools and make them available for your web site promotion needs.

8. Q: Are your programmers certified?

A: Yes we have Microsoft and Java certified programmer team members.

9. Q: What development software do you use?

A: Our developers are proficient in Visual Studio.NET, DreamWeaver, FrontPage, PhotoShop, MacroMedia Flash MX, Fireworks, JBuilder and Visual Café.

10.  Q: What other digital medium are you proficient in?

A: We are proficient in multimedia cd-rom production, pay per click ad campaigns, email marketing campaigns, banner ad creation and management, custom Windows application development, search engine optimization and technology consulting.

11.  Q: What sets you apart technically from other development companies?

A: Our developers are highly proficient in Microsoft's new development platform called .NET (dot net) and Sun Microsystems Java. We were early adopters of this technology as it provides reduced development time and more functionality than older web page building technologies.

12.  Q: Are you able to provide Flash animation?

A: Yes we have experienced Flash programmers on staff and provide templates for you for a professional appearance..  A small Flash element is included in the Platinum package at no extra cost.

13.  Q: Are you able to create interactive cd-rom presentations?

A: Yes.  They are especially effective as product demos and instructional applications.

14.  Q: Are your web sites viewable with any browser?

A: We develop for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and up and Netscape 6 and up.  These are the 2 most widely used browsers.

15.  Q: What size web sites are you typically used to building?

A: It ranges from a five-page site to large n-tiered database driven enterprise applications.

16.  Q: I have an existing site that I don't like can you fix it and how much does that cost?

A: We can give you a free evaluation and a custom quote for site redesign.

17.  Q: Are you able to integrate streaming audio and video into your web sites?

A: Yes.

Development Philosophy

18.  Q What is my role in the development process?

A: With over a decade of graphic design, programming, web usability and marketing experience, the actual architecture (visuals, copy, navigation, etc) of the site will be our responsibility.  Your role will be the most crucial part of this process in that you will be responsible for communicating to us the details of your business, industry, markets and your goals for the application.

19.  Q: How will you provide constant communication to me on the status of my project throughout development?

A: The project manager assigned to your project will Keep you up to date with reports that include links to see the site in development. You will be able to upload any files that we will need for the site as well as receive weekly status reports on your project.

20.  Q: Do I own the code used to create my web site?

A: After we have received final payment for your project you will own all the html code used to create your site. We retain ownership of any .net or Java code used for your site.

21.  Q Do you have a formal process that all projects go through?

A: Yes we do.  It is a combination of other successful development life cycle management systems.  The steps in the process include: [1. Discovery 2. Definition 3. Development 4. Demonstration 5. Delivery].

22.  Q: After I decide I want you to build my web site what happens next?

A: We will setup a conference call with you and the project manager assigned to your account and begin gathering the requirements for your project.

23.  Q: Who will be assigned to work on my site?

A: A project manager will be assigned to your project and will organize a team of programmers, site builders, and designers to form the project team.

24.  Q: Since the Platinum is based on a pre made template does it take less time to develop?

A: Yes.  Platinum sites take anywhere from 10-21 days to build once we have all the content and materials required for the site.

25.  Q: During your development process what elements are most important?

A: Staying within budget, staying on schedule, avoiding gaps, communication and complete client satisfaction.

26.  Q: Will I be required to provide materials based on a schedule you provide for me?

A: Yes.  In order to meet the required finish date we will need any materials you are providing for the site by a certain date.  It is entirely up to you however if you wish to push the date for completion back.

27.  Q: If I have any questions or problems during the development of my site whom can I talk to?

A: You will be assigned a project manager who will be happy to assist you every step of the way.


28.  Q: How many web applications have you created in total?

A: Collectively our developers have built hundreds of digital media products over the past 6 years.

29.  Q: What is your core expertise?

A: web site design, web application design, online marketing, custom application development.

30.  Q: Where can I see samples of your previous work?

A: Much of our web site design work has been for corporate intranets. This means that only employees of those companies can review the content of those sites.  A good representation of the web site design that we can bring to your site can be seen in our templates page.

31.  Q: What industries have you created web solutions for?

A: Primarily for Software Vendors, Banks and Insurance companies, but we are now focusing on Small to Medium Businesses.  We want to provide low cost Information Technology solutions that leverage our enterprise development experience to empower small businesses.  All at very affordable prices.


32.  Q: Do you provide hosting in-house or do you outsource to another company and if so why them?

A: In order to focus our energies more on production we out-source our hosting to a hosting company called LunarPages is a world class hosting company with a cutting edge facility in terms of security, uptime and performance. To find out more about Lunarpages please visit

RTI recommends for amazing service and excellent, fast, reliable web hosting.

33.  Q: How much space and or bandwidth do I get with my hosting account?

A: It all depends on what is required to successfully accommodate the solution we build for you.

34.  Q: Do you handle my domain name registration or transfer? Do you charge extra for this?

A: Yes we take care of that for you at no extra cost.

35.  Q: Do I own the domain name used for my site?

A: If we acquire the domain name for you ownership will be transferred to you upon final payment for your web site.

36.  Q: What other features does your hosting plan include?

A: An online email administration system, site statistics,
email forwarding, and SSL certificates for e-commerce applications.

37.  Q: What is the guaranteed uptime for your hosting service?

A: 99% guaranteed uptime.


38.  Q: Do you provide same day approval for your merchant accounts?
A: Approval may take a day or two.

39.  Q: Does your merchant account service provide direct deposit of funds into my bank account?

A: Yes it does.

40.  Q: How secure is the transaction process provided?

A: The entire transaction process is secured with 128-bit
SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is the strongest commercially available encryption in use.

41.  Q: Do you provide the SSL certificate free of charge?

A: Yes.

42.  Q: Does the e-commerce system send automatic confirmation messages to the business owner as well as the customer?

A: Yes it does.

43.  Q: Is the merchant account provided?

A: Yes we will handle the initial merchant account setup.

44.  Q: Is it seamless?

A: Yes

45.  Q: Are funds processed in "real time"?

A: Yes

46.  Q: Does the card processing system provide address verification?

A: Yes, address verification reduces the chance of fraud and charge-backs.

47.  Q: Does your shopping cart provide a secure administration system where I can change prices, add, and delete products?

A: Yes it does.


48.  Q: How do you manage site updates?

A: Our web sites come with a 3-month warranty that includes free bug fixes.  For Platinum packages we also provide 3 months of 1-hour changes for free. Any changes that need to be made beyond this are billed at our normal rate.  We are also able to build Content Management Systems for many of custom sites that will provide an easy to use interface so that you or someone in your organization can log into a secure area and change the content of the web site yourself.

49.  Q: Do you provide phone and email support?

A: Yes we do.

The Business

50.  Q: Why would I do business with you?

A: We add a much-needed dimension to web development that most development shops will overlook and that is effective marketing centric copy.  We have a vested interest as a marketing company in the ROI that is generated for you from your web site.  Other development companies are happy to just get your money for development and will not make an effort to engineer the copy on your web page so that it will generate high conversion rates. Due to the success we have shared with our clients we have been growing exponentially and have been recently added to Inc.  500's list of fastest growing American companies at number 42.

51.  Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Since October, 1997.

52.  Q: Are you financially stable and debt free?

A: Yes we are.

54.  Q: Are you a national company?

A: No we serve local clients.

55.  Q: How large is your company?

A: As of May-03 we have 10 associates and sub contractors in skills from graphic art to programming.  We keep our costs low so we can pass on the savings to our customers.


56.  Q: What kind of marketing can you do for me?

A: Our marketing strategy is designed to differentiate your company from your competition in the minds of your prospects.

57.  Q: What level of marketing do you provide built in to the web sites you develop?

A: The ability to collect visitor information that is volunteered in order to provide you with a mailing list to further inform potential customers about your products and services.

58.  Q: What other marketing strategies do you implement for web?

A: We can provide e-mail marketing campaigns, pay per click.
click campaigns, banner ad campaigns, as well as search engine optimization. All of these strategies are designed to drive more prospects to your site.

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