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All Small Business owners need to save money as they launch their enterprises. You know a web site is essential but you ask yourself, "Why hire a web site design company when I can create a web site on my own?". The internet is pretty mature and the tools to let you build a web site have come a long way. With a lot of competitors and products to choose from which product should you spend your time and your hard earned money on? Which tool gives you the maximum leverage?

As a Small Business owner, if you were to start to interview web site designers and employees of web site design firms and ask them which tools they preferred to use in order to create and publish web sites you'll get a variety of answers. They'll start to mention best of breed products by name such as MacroMedia DreamWeaver, FrontPage 2002, HomeSite, and many others. Some may even tell you that they use a variety of tools in the creation of a site including image editing software like Adobe PhotoShop and Animation software such as MacroMedia Flash and FireWorks. Is there a single tool that can fulfill the purpose of all these tools?

As a small business owner, your main concern is marketing your product and services as well as actually performing your primary service for your clients so that you can get paid by your satisfied customers.  You don't really want to become a Professional Web Site Designer (unless of course this is your main line of work).

So which tools are available that provide the maximum result for your time and effort spent?

You need a product that meets the following set of criteria:

  • Requires a Minimum knowledge of HTML
  • Has a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode
  • Allows you to build a site navigation system with minimum effort
  • Automatically generates navigation buttons and graphics
  • Provides various levels of control as your knowledge of HTML improves
  • Supports common features such as an online store or catalogue
  • Provides many professionally designed templates as a starting point
  • Easily lets you customize the templates for a unique look
  • Has a large community of users that you can draw on for support
  • Is extensible so that it can take advantage of emerging technology trends as the Internet matures.

This may seem like a lot of requirements.  Each one is important, but together they really do help you to separate the competition and narrow down your selection.

Having used a variety of tools in my Information Technology career, no other product has impressed me as much as NetObjects Fusion.

This product really does let you create professional looking results.  Every manner of site can be built with it from personal sites to corporate intranets as well as online stores.

It holds your hand in the initial creation of your site by means of a Site Building Wizard.  It lets you create sites for a number of popular business scenarios.

As soon as you finish the wizard your are impressed with the web site framework it has generated for you.

As you Title or Name the pages of your site all of the Title Bars, Navigation buttons are updated as well.

As your requirements become more defined you'll find that NetObjects Fusion has the built in capabilities that you need in order to implement JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, VBScript, Java, Flash and ShockWave.

The text editor includes a spell checker and allows you to have pixel level control of the layout of your site.

Certain pages can have a common theme or layout than other sections of the site.

Graphics are easily supported. Alternative text can be supplied in the case where is site does not render on an image answer I would recommend that small business owners forego using their digital cameras to create to try to create professional photos .  Instead resort to an online royalty free photo archive.

To be continued...

Web Site Design Software Sources:

Abraxas - CoverSite 2 is a WYSIWYG portal and professional homepage editor. Shareware with free, standard and enterprise versions.

ActiveSquare - In-browser WYSIWYG HTML content authoring ActiveX component software. Trial download available.

Adminimizer - Browser-based editing tool. Free or professional versions, FAQ.

Adobe: Pagemill - User forums and support documents for this discontinued product.

Alagad - WysiPad browser-based WYSIWYG HTML authoring and editing. Replaces text area field. Works with most server-side technology.

Bilboes - HTML and Dynamic HTML editor creates point-and-click web page effects. No coding needed. Free download with no time limit. - Edits HTML, MHT and EML files. Print and export into PDF. Includes spell check engine.

BlueShoes - Customizable Javascript editor to use directly from a web browser (Internet Explorer 6).

CFDev - ActivEdit replaces the HTML text area, but allows WYSIWYG editing with a familiar Word Processor interface

Codeverve - HTML authoring tool written as a client-side Java applet.

ContentBox - Browser-based development environment with multilingual capacity. Free trial version available.

contentEditable Toolbar - Edit pages through Internet Explorer browsers. Uses the MSHTML editor, requires IE5.5+ and a Perl-enabled server.

Cool Page - A visual editor. Free trial version, plugins.

Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor - A free (no license required) editor that implements the new Midas applications programming interface in Mozilla 1.3+.

DevEdit - A WYSIWYG HTML editing component that replaces the <TextArea> tag in ASP, ASP.Net, ColdFusion 5/MX or PHP content management systems and web-based applications.

DreamToolz - Homepage Creator offers layout, graphics and publishing capabilities. Download a full trial version for free.

DumbOnion - Demo of a WYSIWYG user interface for content management software.

Easy Web Editor - Web publishing tool. Includes overview and free trial version.

EasyHTML - Product aimed at authors and programmers who want to make Web pages from Word for Windows documents.

Ektron - EWebEditPro, a browser-based tool. Trial version, news, reviews, FAQ, knowledge base, forum.

Ephox Online HTML Editor - Browser-based Java applet. Free trial download, user forums, developer documentation. Mac OS X or Windows.

Eschelbacher Enterprises - WebEditor is a WYSIWYG HTML editor for Internet Explorer 5.5+.

EzyWare - Ezypage editor for Windows 9x/ME/XP.

FLFSoft - HTML Builder. Free download, FAQs, support forum.

Flyspeck - Microsoft Word-like editor, which runs in IE/Windows and uses PHP. - Freeware and shareware actions for Softpress Freeway.

Hexidec - Ekit is a free open-source Java HTML editor applet and application. The Ekit standalone also allows for HTML to be loaded and saved, as well as serialized and saved in Rich Text Format.

HoTMetaL Pro - Free trial version, tour, support pages, FAQ, Metalworker's Guild user community. [Microsoft Word]

htmlArea - htmlArea is a free WYSIWYG editor replacement for textarea fields. Users can change the font, make bullets, and insert images and links. Version 3.0 is cross-platform.

IBM: WebSphere Homepage Builder - Graphical development environment for Windows or Linux. Free trial version, documentation.

I-Cite - Aimed at the business community. Examples, design hints, free trial version.

IE Editor for Zope - Originally designed for Zope, this piece of code can be integrated into any application to provide WYSIWYG editing in Internet Explorer 5.5+.

IonEdit - An Active-X control for WYSIWYG editing. Offers basic and developer licensing plans. - htmlEditbox supports CSS, tables, image uploads, smart links. Translated into 16 languages. Demo version available.

LMSOFT - Web Creator 2 has ready to use templates, inserts images, sound, text, animations and videos; position with the mouse, add visual effects and create interactions between the elements.

Mozile - Mozile (Mozilla Inline Editor) is an in-browser, context-sensitive, XHTML editor. It can act as the client-side of a content-editing system or as a self-contained "web word processor".

Namo - Webeditor, design interactive Web pages with Dynamic HTML. Also Webeditor control, an ActiveX component which adds editing facilities to Microsoft Windows applications and browsers. Live demonstration, FAQs, screenshots.

Netscape Composer - A component of the Communicator 4.0 suite. Data sheet, download links, and browser support information provided.

Nostrum India - Tarantula, a tool with pixel level layout control and full drag and drop support.

Olson Software - HyperText Studio, creates WinHelp, HTML Help and HTML pages. Overview, system requirements, key features and a demo to download.

Open My Mind - A free, open source, web-based editor, written using Microsoft Internet Explorer's MS-HTML. Requires IE v5.5+ [Windows]

Psylon - The LiquidFX WebMaster suite has been designed for web authors and developers who range from the beginner all the way to the high end professional.

Py Software - Actual Drawing is a shareware visual tool to make web pages without having to know HTML, simply by dragging and dropping page content.

Raycone - Creators of Weboardo, visual web site and documentation creator with an editor for BeOS.

The Richtext Editor - Uses DHTML, Javascript and Scriptlet technologies for WYSIWYG editing of HTML from within a web page.

Silicon Graphics: WebMagic - Editor for IRIX.

Site Design Machine - Template-based editor. Free trial version, tutorial, FAQs, additional templates. [Microsoft Windows]

SiteClear - WYSIWYG website building tool developed on the basis of Java applets. Supports both visual and HTML modes. Free demo available on-line.

SiteDesigner - Free trial version, news, reviews for this tool.

SiteObjects - soEditor turns an ordinary <textarea> form field into a dynamic browser-based HTML editor. Pro and Lite versions. ColdFusion-based.

Softpress Freeway - Web design software for the Macintosh. Features include CSS, HTML 4.0, automatic image slicing, interactive image optimization, frames, fables, automatic site management, and TIFF import.

Solmetra - The SPAW Editor is web-based and available in 2 server-side versions: PHP and ASP .NET. For Windows IE clients. Open-source GPL.

Spider Writer - Includes FTP client, image mapper, and style editor. Free trial version, tour, screenshots, developer forum.

Splash! Web Author - WYSIWYG Editor. Download demo available.

Stormdance - Antenna Web Design Studio is a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG pixel-accurate web page editor, with master pages, layers, and rollover buttons.

TextArea Rich - Replaces the standard textarea HTML tag with a dynamic WYSIWYG window. Lite and Pro versions.

TrainingTools - How to start using HoTMetaL PRO 6.0.

Trellix - Web Express, a browser-based system for hosting providers and their clients. Also offers standalone client for use with selected hosts. FAQs, examples, instruction articles, support forum.

V Communications - Web Easy editor, including step by step assistants and a range of templates and clipart. Free trial version, FAQ.

Virtual Mechanics - SiteSpinner offers text editing, image and graphics editing and publishes to HTML and SVG.

Web Page Maker - WYSIWYG web page editor helps to create and publish professional web pages.

Web Studio - Software for individuals and small businesses featuring drag-and-drop galleries, streamlined site hosting, and instant online preview. 30-day trial version.

WebExpress - Template-based editor. Free trial version, support center, gallery of existing sites.

WinWare - Atrax builds pages based on drag and drop objects. Free trial version, tour, screenshots.

WXEdit - A browser-based WYSIWYG HTML Editor (DHTML and Javascript). Integrates into any PHP web content management system.

WYSIweb - Web-based editor with site navigation manager, remotely hosted in Ontario, Canada.

XpediaWeb - Creates and maintains web sites without programming. Free trial version, FAQ, screenshots.

XStandard - ActiveX plug-in for browser, for Windows-based content management systems. Generates clean XHTML 1.1 code, uses CSS for formatting and manages rich content in any language. Free lite version is downloadable.

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