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Web Site Promotion

Web Site Promotion; should you do it yourself?

There are over 8 billion web pages on the Internet according to Google.  That number is increasing everyday. You have a small to medium sized business and you want to enhance your business profile with a web presence.

You may already have your site in development or near completion or already up and running on line.

But you still need to answer one key question.

"How will internet users and my potential customers find my site in among the millions of web sites that already exist?"

The answer is web site promotion.


Now of course you can tell the world about your web site by regular marketing channels including, print ads, television and radio advertising.  You can add the URL of your web site to your stationary letterhead, brochures, company vehicles, business cards and other promotional items that you hand out or mail to prospects.  These avenues all have an implied range and associated cost.

But if you own a small business and want to be as frugal as possible yet achieve a global reach, one of the most important channels for promoting your web site is the Internet itself.


Search Engines are still the most affordable and cost effective way to attract 100s of new visitors to a web site.

There are 2 broad categories of Search Engines.  These are Directories (Like Yahoo) and Indexes like Google.

URL Contributions are made to Directories (like Yahoo) by Web Site owners or promoters . The sites are reviewed for careful submission acceptance by Search Engine Directory staff and/or volunteers.

Other Search Engines (like Google) send an automated process or web robot to visit your site and index its pages for inclusion in its database.

Only after your site is fully tested and ready for public viewing, should you try your hand at submitting your web page URLs to the top 10 most popular Search Engines.  However you'll find that this is a slow and time consuming process.

Also because the wait to be indexed can be anywhere from 1 day to 6 months it is really important that your entries in online submission request forms be accurate and appropriate. Changes or corrections may take a long time to appear if resubmissions are necessary.

And you may have to live with an embarrassing or undesirable Internet public image for months!

So you say to yourself, "Why don't I let the computer do the work?" (To be really productive as a small business owner you should say that often.)


You start looking for Search Engine Submission Software and you find some. But to buy them and become and expert in them as well as coordinating the recommended changes to your site like the modification of meta tags for keywords and description in your web pages is too time consuming. You're not spending time in the primary responsibility of all businesses which is making a profit by keeping your existing customers happy and acquiring new customers.

You also need to be cautious of online services that promise to bulk submit your web site address to 1000's of Search Engines. Many have proved to be ineffective. Besides, the majority of the traffic generated by Search Engines to most web sites is produced by the ten most popular Search Engines.

So what you really need to do is delegate this important responsibility to a capable individual or company that specializes in this service who is an expert in this domain knowledge.

Every Search Engine has its own way of indexing and storing page references and ranking them.  What is worse, the methods used may change frequently.  Generally Search Engine queries that are a close match to your title, description and keywords Meta tags along with keywords density in your page content, the popularity of your link on other web pages affects your ranking. You need to rank within the top 30 links, the first 3 pages of results in order to be seen by potential customers.

You need a resource who is dedicated to keeping up with these arcana. Using this Search Engine Specific knowledge, a web site has to be optimized to not only present an optimal message to your customers but it must also be optimal for the Web Sites Search Engines.

It is vital that you select your keywords with the delicate balance of being popular enough to drive traffic to your site but not so popular as to include too many of your competitors.

You need to select a web site promotion company by these criteria.

  • Their ability to promote themselves
  • Their ability to promote other web sites (testimonials from their other customers)
  • The knowledge and ability of their staff
  • Their responsiveness to your needs and concerns
  • The fit of their promotional services to your needs and your budget
  • Their ability to help you select appropriate keywords optimal for your web site using  automated keyword analysis tools
  • Their ability to show you tangible results through monthly reporting or other means
  • The quality and effectiveness of the tools and techniques that they are able to use on your behalf

Eventually you will see results from your web site promotion efforts and it may be either a web site that has become a cost center with low customer response or it could be a web site that is a profit center bringing new revenue streams of Internet based sales and service.

The most important part of any web site project is the never ending task of promotion; manage it, but don't necessarily do it yourself. Contact us to learn how can improve the visibility of your web site. Be sure to read our latest article about Link Popularity and its importance in promoting your site on the Internet.

R. Reid, Director,
Reid Technologies Inc.

Your additional reward for reading this article to the end is a couple of incredibly useful links if you still wish to promote your site on your own: let's you submit to up to 33 search engines in one shot for free. let's you easily submit your site to 18 popular search engines for free.

Here is a list of Important Search Directories you may manually submit your site to:
Open Directory Project:

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