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PR Prowler Review

Finding Quality Link Partners is the key to improving your ranking in the search engines in 3 months or less You Already know that the best way to advertise your web site online for free is to get links back from web site owners whose sites are already well established in the indexes of the popular search engines such as (Google, Yahoo, MSN Search). Finding those new potential link partners is not easy. In fact it is very time consuming. What if there were a tool that could easily help you to find the best sites to get links from?

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Congratulations! You have a professionally built web site that advertises your products or services. You have learned the basics of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization to realize that your site needs Link Popularity.  You know that you need to have inbound links from other web sites pointing to your own.

The easiest way to get inbound links is to ask for them from other web site owners who also know of their value. They may want to trade links with you and everyone will benefit in a reciprocal link trade. Writing articles or providing testimonial will also work but are time consuming when compared to the more direct link exchange method.

How many links does it take on average to move up in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)? About 1000! Or does it?


You need to have a significant number of links pointing back to you with your relevant keywords in the link text.

How many links are enough? You need about 1000 inbound links to rank well for your selected key words.  You've concluded by now that link building is a labour intensive exercise.

It involves:

  1. Finding Link Candidates
  2. Reviewing the Site for relevance
  3. Finding the Contact information
  4. Composing an email message
  5. Building a link page and adding it to your site
  6. Adding the link candidate's site to your links page
  7. Checking to see whether link partners continue to link back to youl

You know that Arelis (Automated Reciprocal Link System) will help you with all of the above steps.

But in Finding Link Candidates it turns out that quality and not quantity is the most important thing. Page Rank is a measure of the Popularity and Relevance of a web page to a search query as indicated or summarized by Google's Patented Page Rank Technology.  It is a scale from 1 to 10 where 10 indicates the highest authority level. It is really a logarithmic scale where a site with a Page Rank one unit higher has 10 or 100 or 1000 times more pages voting for it as a page with one unit lower Page Rank. A site with a Page Rank of 10 is the equivalent of having 100s of thousands of pages voting for it. Sites such as,, have Page Ranks of 9 or 10. These represent sites that are well established authority destinations for their fields of interest.  If you could get a link from their front page to your site that would bring you incredible amounts of traffic.

You leverage the Link Popularity or High Page Rank of other sites when they link to you. One link from a high PR site is like 10s of thousands from low PR sites!

The truth is that there are many authority sites with high page rank just waiting to be found. Imagine what would happen to your web site traffic and sales generation if they had a link pointing to your site.


Finding Quality Link Partners is the key to improving your ranking in the search engines in 3 months or less for free.

PR Prowler, the PAGE RANK Web Site Analysis tool

Find high page rank sites easily with PR Prowler. Click to enlarge.

PR Prowler for Microsoft Windows PCs

This is where PR Prowler comes in. PR Prowler is a fairly unique product that gives us a glimpse into the future of how we will use the internet and search engines.  I've always thought that the future of internet search would be (avatar, artificial intelligence related) software which automates the search engine process for you.  It would allow you to sift through the volumes of raw data that search engine results present and by distilling it down it lets you find the things that you are most interested in more quickly.  PR Prowler does this for Google Page Rank.

PR Prowler allows you to search by URL

One strategy for ranking in the first 10 results (or first page results) for any search engine query is to reverse engineer the sites that are already ranking well.  You just need to imitate what they did and you will have their success as well. The only problem with that idea is that your competition is not standing still so you need to promote your site as well if not better than they are doing for their own. PR Prowler can help you to get caught up very quickly. It can even give you a real competitive advantage.

You will be able to see why a site ranks well. The Prowl Backlinks feature allows you to explore this. The wonderful thing about using PR Prowler is the way that you accidentally find sites that you would never have thought to look at using regular search engine methods.  It reminds you of the old days of "Surfing the Net" by visiting strings of linked together sites and finding new things in a serendipitous way.  Most exciting of all is when you discover high PR (7, 8, 9, 10) sites that your competition is not aware of yet and the chance to initiate a link exchange with them. There are many page rank charts on the web that show you the potential PR transfer boost that you can expect if you successfully negotiate a link exchange. PR Prowler includes a PR Boost to you calculation that allows you to see the effect of a link from one site to you.

You just need to type or cut and paste one or more URLs into the "Input URL" part of the screen and adjust the Maximum number of results that you would like to get back and press the "Prowl URLs" button. PR Prowler goes to work and can run efficiently in the background allowing you to do other work with no noticeable lag on you other processes.

You can immediately start to see the results from the currently running prowl. You can sort the columns of this list by clicking on the column headings.

PR Prowler allows you to search by Keywords as well

The Prowl Keywords feature allows you to explore Google search results pages for sites that rank well for your selected key words.

Search for hight traffic site by keyword

 Just type the phrase that you are interested in and after a moment you have a list of sites to review that rank well for that term.

The ideal link candidate of course is a site with high page rank that has relatively few outbound links.  When you successfully trade links with your new found partner site you'll be rewarded by higher Page Rank for your own site when Google does its quarterly update.  More importantly you should see the amount of traffic coming to your web site for your chosen key words increase as well.


When you consider the time that you might otherwise spend searching for high Page Rank sites manually and factor in the hourly rate that you charge for your time or services then PR Prowler will seem like a bargain at $97.00 US. It comes with a 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee Visit:


Learn more about Page Rank.

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